World Cup live predictor: Pick the winners and decide how far England and Wales will go in Qatar on Thursday!

On Thursday, Sky Sports is running a live World Cup predictor. You have five minutes to predict the results of each World Cup match and have a say in who will win. How far will England and Wales advance?

Participate in the World Cup winner prediction poll on Sky Sports.

It’s time to have your say, just who do you think is going to win the World Cup?

We are unable to skip ahead in time, but we can help you through this waiting game. That question will be answered on December 18 in Doha.

You can predict each and every result from the Qatar World Cup using the live predictor that Sky Sports will be running on Thursday.

Decide where England will finish its Qatari campaign.

Every match will give you five minutes to predict the outcome, and the outcomes will determine the knockout stages up until the championship match.

How far will Wales and England go? Will any of the heavy hitters suffer unexpected losses? Most importantly, who will emerge victorious?

Start making predictions for the World Cup games on this blog at 10 a.m. and share your thoughts!

What are England and Wales’ real aspirations for the World Cup?

The inaugural episode of the Sky Sports World Cup Podcast gives us the inside scoop on everything involving England, Wales, and Qatar. and bread from Qatar.

The World Cup Podcast, which will feature some of Sky Sports’ biggest voices during the tournament, will be your one-stop source for information, analysis, and a lighter look at the competition.

For the most recent information on the tournament’s preparation, including reports from within the Wales and England camps and on the ground in Qatar, host Ron Walker is joined by the Sky Sports News team of Rob Dorsett, Melissa Reddy, and Geraint Hughes.

What is the bar for England, and might this be Gareth Southgate’s final game in charge of the Three Lions? Is interpreting squad numbers as superstitious going too far? The back three vs. back four arguments are back, and the club will need to adjust to Qatar’s oppressive heat.

How does daily life look in Doha? Why does it feel as though there is still work to be done in Qatar five days before the game begins and that everyone is piled on top of one another? Aside from that, what’s the food like? is the most crucial query.

How important is it for Wales to defeat England in order to advance in the World Cup? Who are the top three potential winners and wildcards for Rob Page? And how well-versed in Yma o Hyd is Geraint before the USA plays on Monday in the opening match?



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